Friday, 8 July 2011

The Bird Watchers

Tonight my little sister read me a story she has written about bird watching? I know it's slightly weird but she likes birds right now, probably because she has a pet budgie.
Anyway I decided to slightly re write it with her and illustrate it. (inspired by emily's new drawing technique). It's only rough and hasn't had Georgie's approval yet for her cover, because she's a sleep but I think its pretty good. Please tell me your feed back, thanks.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Beautiful hand crafted bracelets.

I had to show everyone my new bracelet, which my kind friend Amira made for me. She is thinking of selling them as her own little business. I think this will definitely be successful as loads of people have asked for them.They are all made personalised to the colour design that you wish for, there is also a cute little collection of fruit style beads.

Love you Mireo ♥

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pier Under Project's

Theses are Art piece's I have recently painted, for a project called 'Pier Under'. I had to do two because I do two art subjects, Fine art and Graphic Communications.

 The first one is a piece which is really pretty clear, peering under the skin to reveal a skull. I could also say that it represents behind every physical exterior we are all the same. This piece has had lots of comments about why I done it, I don't want to sound morbid but it was the one of the first things I though of doing, for no big reason really. The painting is also pretty realistic in the fact when peeling back the layer of skin (paint) it actually sounds like skin is being pulled off, its kinda gross. One of my art teachers also said to me today, 'Ellie you have a dark side to you'. Well, that might explain why a lot! Of my art is not conventional. 

The second piece is for graphics. And after a group brainstorm I came up the idea of doing something todo with looking under people's fears and phobias. I have created a painting well kinda a poster to do with Arachnephobia (fear of spiders). And how in every city behind every window lies fear. 

Monday, 27 June 2011

We could practically be related!

So I will start off by saying this is a mule,  bad quality picture of myself and badly photoshopped! However I will get to my point. Today in my lunch break I was looking through a friends Glee live book, when I saw Puck, he is so lush might I just add.  Then I realised we have the exact same colour eyes, skin tone, Lips... and fat noses and if you look closely at his head he has a scar as do i. So yeah found my long lost twin, now i need a way to contact him...

     Im sure most people reading this share my love for Glee, and I am missing my weekly dose of Glee and cant wait for the next series!  

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summery tops ☀

Its pretty much summer already! But with this english weather there is hardly any sun around. And I really need some practical holiday clothes. I realised I had hardly any summer tops, just mostly winter ones. So I hit the shops and these are a few of the new tops I have brought.
From far left...
Red fringed top from New look
Swan cropped top  H&M
Flower boob tube and white cropped top Both River Island.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer ♥

I can't wait for summer this year! especially as this year im going on holiday to Cyprus with my best friend hannah. Ayia napa here we come :D can't wait  for the hot wether and a great tan. So here are some bikini's i have found i really want them, my favourite has to the banana one. Also i hope to go on a girly holiday next year with Steph this time too and the rest of the girlies :Dx

Friday, 3 June 2011

My talented little sister! ❤

My family.
I have a lovely little sister called Georgie, she's 8 years old and loves drawing painting as much as i do. I can tell she's going to be a great little artist one day, as i already love her work. I was looking though a sketch book of hers this evening, so i thought id share a few with you all.

 This is most of the main characters from sponge bob. Im especially loving Sandy ✏
In this one its my family at the beach with my brothers girlfriend and our pets. Having a conversation?
'Mum: How are you Ellie?'
'Ellie:Im okay.'
This made me laugh, its so sweet.

I love you Georgie xxxxx  

Sunday, 29 May 2011


So i live here, not saying it's bad at all time's. But i just got to stress how bad the town is their! Going hopefully to find some  shoes in some shops was a hassle to find one which stocked the right size in a half decent pair, its ridiculous. And the fact we have a Weston eye makes us tacky as we are trying to copy London! And my biggest hate the huge population of Chav's! And old people.. i no old people are sweet and all but i think there is an exception to weston oldies they are all grumpy! Also today getting a voucher for Mc Donald's, me and Emily were hungry so we went there to find there was no seats err!! So we sat in the kids bit (looking Stupid).  Yeah that sums up Weston...

Friday, 27 May 2011


When you have found the perfect dress and the shop won't hold it, it is pretty annoying. Hoping it would be their a week later, we headed back up to Cabot circus! Unfortunately the dress wasn't anywhere to be found, so emily tried on a few different ones but none of them compared. After a while of looking round Jen spotting a girl holding 2 of these dress's and she looked about Emily's size. So it was stalking time, we literally followed her around the shop, probably intimidating her at the same time. When she headed into the changing rooms so did we! Thank fully it did not fit the bitch! and we snatched it up :D If you were in Topshop on the 27th of May and felt you were being followed we do apologise for stalking you :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Ok so i just found out we have apparently been entered and just taken the GCSE young enterprise exam! no wonder it was easy.. We should of taken A level i need the ucas points ;(  Now have to wait till january!! when i will have other exams to worry about!!! NOT HAPPY


Ok so i love changing my hair colour.. Im only going a different shade of brown, nothing adventurous as its summer ball soon cant have really bad hair now! After watching 90210 it makes me think i have bipolar but i don't think i do! Ahhh what would my life be like without hair dye :O

Monday, 23 May 2011


Exams, exams, exams, exams!!! Im sure everyone is fed up of hearing about them. However i am so stressed out i thought id write a post about them. This tuesday will be the last day of my exams! Thank god! however i am no way prepared or even cleaver enough to pass. And i got a tip for you guys, don't sit in an exam counting the tables and itching your face. And then you realise theres five minutes left and you have totally failed yet again. Well i wish everyone lot's of luck in their exams whether there GCSE's or As/A levels.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Emily's Bit

Hey everyone, thought i might do another blog post. 

Not really much to report, apart from we've officially started Study Leave - the irony being that i have little to no exams to revise for. But i did have a brilliant last day on Friday, fingers crossed they still have the dress in my size when i get back next week. I find it ridiculous they don't hold dresses for you, what is the problem? They will still get the money for it - especially since i struggle to find dresses to fit me properly anyway. 

I'm actually quite proud of Ellie's blog success, as she's nearly exceeded the number of youtube video's we have on our Rebecca Black remake. Yes, we did a 'Friday' remake - don't judge, it's a catchy song and you know it! We seriously need to more videos, the best way to get famous nowadays is viral. 

Oh and just a few hours ago i visited the Range. Let me explain to you how much i love the range, for an artist like myself - it is heaven. Paints, brushes, pencils, canvas' - they have the lot! I could literally spend hours wandering around and looking at HB pencils (although i have to say my favourite pencil is most definitely the 2B). I have to start on a small project for Sixth Form and i think i might do a painting for Fine Art, as that is usually what they would expect. Graphics however, i may have to put more thought into. 

 Well anyway i don't want to ramble, as technically this isn't my blog. 


Last time EROS will be together :(

When joining year 12 i joined Young Enterprise! If you don't no what that is its practically setting up your own business. When we headed down to the quarter finals we unfortunately didn't make it any further but won a few awards and came first in Best financially managed, thanks to Sharuk! Now that half of the group are leaving sixth form, we will have to wait till next year to win!! :D with a new Young enterprise group. Also in y13 me and Amira will be managing directors (maybe).

Friday, 20 May 2011

Ever tried Banana and Nando's

Next time your in Nando's just take a banana with you and buy some frozen yogurt apparently it lush! I didn't personally try it but i tried there herby sauce it was more spicy then the extra spicy sauce i do not recommend that shit!

Last day of year twelve!

Ok so i am now an offical year 13 :D how exciting!! and i had a lovely last day with Amira, Jen and Emily. We headed down to Brizzal, shopped for summer ball dress's and i found the perfect dress!! And now i look online and its sold out in all the Bristol region i am pissed off! . And its shocking i can actually pull of sequin dress's :O shame that one was way out of my price range. Now i will have to start looking all over again, most likely.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Is this right? I'm confused.

Ellie has made the mistake of letting me post on her blog.

I'm not quite sure how this works but i'll give it a go, i apologise for not being terribly interesting. 
I might start a weekly piece on something i haven't decided on yet 

Bare with me,


(Picture = my two Bro's Ellie & Amira)

Serious skill!

Ok, so this may be slightly old and random but Emily has some serious skills! Who else can seriously create such a master piece. As i am the 'Funny One' According to Emily's daddio, i will tell you how i destroyed it. Well being creative as i am i made a little aeroplane out of a card and it flew in to it. I think emily may of been mad at me for breaking it...

Monday, 16 May 2011

Train to catch!

After such a stressful day, taking my Business studies exam :( I pop in to my Art lesson to fetch emily, so we can walk to the train together. However as soon as i got in the room i was trapped ( well until the bell went). Anyway our train comes at 3.38 and the bell goes off at 3.30! there is no way of getting there unless you run like a beast. We ask to leave 2 minutes early so we could avoid rush's of people traffic, but the Wolfe didn't let us! Making us get home at 4.30 when we finish at 3.30, this seriously has pissed me off. She makes up rules, like as if any teachers are going to get into trouble for letting us out a minute or two early. Well also she has 'favourites' like literally half the class leave before the bell, but as soon as me and emily approach the door, She's like BAM come back! and you can see her getting the enjoyment of holding us back. Guess we will have to run out again, if we want to catch the train the badass's that we are...

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Summer ball

So it's summer ball time! Its not as formal as prom but everyone has still got to dress formal to a certain extent. I keep buying dress's that i only wear once for socials and parties etc.. so i want to buy something i can wear in the summer, and something i can wear out with heels! So i thought a playsuit? please tell me which one you like best, or if i should just wear a dress.

Friday, 13 May 2011


As soon as i get to Sixth Form i start my day with many frees!! Having been practically kicked out the common room today, i had to experience the library... This was genuinely the first time i had been in their since joining in september. To my great surprise i enjoyed it, sitting and revising for exams. or it could just be that i wasn't in a social mood! Either way i look forward to spending the rest of next week revising in there crazy i know! :O