Sunday, 22 May 2011

Emily's Bit

Hey everyone, thought i might do another blog post. 

Not really much to report, apart from we've officially started Study Leave - the irony being that i have little to no exams to revise for. But i did have a brilliant last day on Friday, fingers crossed they still have the dress in my size when i get back next week. I find it ridiculous they don't hold dresses for you, what is the problem? They will still get the money for it - especially since i struggle to find dresses to fit me properly anyway. 

I'm actually quite proud of Ellie's blog success, as she's nearly exceeded the number of youtube video's we have on our Rebecca Black remake. Yes, we did a 'Friday' remake - don't judge, it's a catchy song and you know it! We seriously need to more videos, the best way to get famous nowadays is viral. 

Oh and just a few hours ago i visited the Range. Let me explain to you how much i love the range, for an artist like myself - it is heaven. Paints, brushes, pencils, canvas' - they have the lot! I could literally spend hours wandering around and looking at HB pencils (although i have to say my favourite pencil is most definitely the 2B). I have to start on a small project for Sixth Form and i think i might do a painting for Fine Art, as that is usually what they would expect. Graphics however, i may have to put more thought into. 

 Well anyway i don't want to ramble, as technically this isn't my blog. 


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