Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Beautiful hand crafted bracelets.

I had to show everyone my new bracelet, which my kind friend Amira made for me. She is thinking of selling them as her own little business. I think this will definitely be successful as loads of people have asked for them.They are all made personalised to the colour design that you wish for, there is also a cute little collection of fruit style beads.

Love you Mireo ♥

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pier Under Project's

Theses are Art piece's I have recently painted, for a project called 'Pier Under'. I had to do two because I do two art subjects, Fine art and Graphic Communications.

 The first one is a piece which is really pretty clear, peering under the skin to reveal a skull. I could also say that it represents behind every physical exterior we are all the same. This piece has had lots of comments about why I done it, I don't want to sound morbid but it was the one of the first things I though of doing, for no big reason really. The painting is also pretty realistic in the fact when peeling back the layer of skin (paint) it actually sounds like skin is being pulled off, its kinda gross. One of my art teachers also said to me today, 'Ellie you have a dark side to you'. Well, that might explain why a lot! Of my art is not conventional. 

The second piece is for graphics. And after a group brainstorm I came up the idea of doing something todo with looking under people's fears and phobias. I have created a painting well kinda a poster to do with Arachnephobia (fear of spiders). And how in every city behind every window lies fear. 

Monday, 27 June 2011

We could practically be related!

So I will start off by saying this is a mule,  bad quality picture of myself and badly photoshopped! However I will get to my point. Today in my lunch break I was looking through a friends Glee live book, when I saw Puck, he is so lush might I just add.  Then I realised we have the exact same colour eyes, skin tone, Lips... and fat noses and if you look closely at his head he has a scar as do i. So yeah found my long lost twin, now i need a way to contact him...

     Im sure most people reading this share my love for Glee, and I am missing my weekly dose of Glee and cant wait for the next series!  

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summery tops ☀

Its pretty much summer already! But with this english weather there is hardly any sun around. And I really need some practical holiday clothes. I realised I had hardly any summer tops, just mostly winter ones. So I hit the shops and these are a few of the new tops I have brought.
From far left...
Red fringed top from New look
Swan cropped top  H&M
Flower boob tube and white cropped top Both River Island.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer ♥

I can't wait for summer this year! especially as this year im going on holiday to Cyprus with my best friend hannah. Ayia napa here we come :D can't wait  for the hot wether and a great tan. So here are some bikini's i have found i really want them, my favourite has to the banana one. Also i hope to go on a girly holiday next year with Steph this time too and the rest of the girlies :Dx

Friday, 3 June 2011

My talented little sister! ❤

My family.
I have a lovely little sister called Georgie, she's 8 years old and loves drawing painting as much as i do. I can tell she's going to be a great little artist one day, as i already love her work. I was looking though a sketch book of hers this evening, so i thought id share a few with you all.

 This is most of the main characters from sponge bob. Im especially loving Sandy ✏
In this one its my family at the beach with my brothers girlfriend and our pets. Having a conversation?
'Mum: How are you Ellie?'
'Ellie:Im okay.'
This made me laugh, its so sweet.

I love you Georgie xxxxx